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"empowerING all young people

to design their lives

and do the things

they never thought possible 

through entrepreneurship

& play!"


Positive youth development

From professional sporting stadiums to local design thinking arenas, we’re bringing the best of all worlds to connect sport & innovation into a new playing field...


Welcome to Play4Tomorrow!


While maintaining the importance of health & physical exercise, we collectively teach a new form of design thinking to young people worldwide.


So how does it all work?



We train startup founders to be the best Play4Tomorrow design thinking coaches possible.  This allows them to bring their ideas, products and services in the form of prompts, challenges and prototyping materials to various arenas. Building with end-users in a fun, safe, and collaborative environment provides incredible inspiration for next steps & product iterations.



You can’t just flip a classroom to create change, youth development extends far beyond the classroom.  Play4Tomorrow utilizes safe spaces like after-school programs, sports teams, and even school buses to inspire creative-based inquiry, solution-focused therapy, teamwork, wellness, and physical literacy.



Technology is the future. And so are our kids. So how do we combine these worlds? Matching individual technology founders with local students who are most inspired by their work leads to the greatest win-win-win.


Ready Founder One?



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