is Technology Accelerator for Positive Youth Development

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Our Experience:

  • Critically acclaimed design thinking for positive youth development

  • Over 100 early-stage founders and nonprofits supported

  • 90% engagement by our program alumni

  • Over 500,000 youth served



Program Value:


Our 12-month program includes:

  • Two-week Silicon Valley bootcamp (June 16-29, 2019) at P4T’s exclusive Haume Center (our alternative professional development retreat in the heart of Silicon Valley) 

  • Access to all P4T Impact Days (invite-only event with kids, local startups and impact investors)

  • The ability to test products and services through a trusted network of youth programs and friends

  • Monthly coaching call with our team experts

  • Free services from our partners (web services, email marketing, SMTP and more)

  • Access to discounted wellness coaching and resources throughout the year

  • Opportunity for introductions from our team to investor meetings and pitches (based startup’s readiness)


Program Details:
360° assessment by the P4T selection committee
120 hours of personalized and interactive training

1:1 Monthly Coaching



Design thinking
Startup development
Lead generation

B2B Sales training

Analytics & Tools​

Alternative Financing



Fees/Exchange Agreement:

Our mission is to empower all young people to design their lives and scale the unimaginable through entrepreneurship and play. In exchange for your participation in our program, we ask you to “pay it forward” through:


1. An equity grant to Play4Tomorrow of 3%.  This will be used as follows:

1% – Young student-entrepreneur scholarship fund
1% – Fund to invest in program fellows
1% – Play4Tomorow operations


2. A $2,500 up-front fee (group accommodations, dinners, training materials, and access to shared digital systems).


3. Be a Rockstar – Be a role model to our kids and share what makes you shine.  Be a coach or start your own studio!


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